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Hi all! 😁 This is Romi - author and creator of Simply Blissful Living (SBL). I started SBL in 2017 after experiencing severe clinical depression. I needed a place to share my thoughts, feelings, and the things that made me happy. I had just quit my job due to the illness, and wanted to invest my time into something that gave me pleasure. I first started my YouTube channel. I knew that I needed to find a platform to share and I remember going on YouTube many times to see what others were thinking on various subjects. Of course, it wasn't limited to recipes or how-to videos. I remember searching for videos that showed me how other people coped with their depression. Many times, it made me feel better to know that there were others like me and I found myself "watching" their lives to understand mine. It may seem odd, but when you don't know what is going on with you, and the feeling of being "lost" is overwhelming, its easy to see how others are handling similar situations.

After starting my YouTube channel, I made it my journey to share what I was passionate about. Then, I realized that some of the content I wanted to share was too lengthy. My videos needed some additional, supplemental information which is when I decided to start my webpage/blog. 

Fast forward to today, every day, I wake up and work hard to share myself with the world. It may seem like its easier than having a 9-5 job, but most days, I work 10 hours easily. But its what I enjoy. I enjoy sharing myself and my passions with the world. I hope and pray that at least one person out there in this beautiful world finds my content helpful and inspiring. If only one life is touched by me, I will live happily knowing I made a difference. 

I sincerely thank you for stopping by SBL. I hope that I inspire you in one way or another to live life blissfully.

♡ Romi 

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