Baigan Ke Chokha Fiji Style | Eggplant Chokha | Smoked Eggplant Dip

  • 1 large eggplant (choose a big variety like Italian or Black Beauty) 
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic 
  • 1 tomato 
  • Chili pepper to taste
  • sliced onions to taste
  • chopped cilantro to taste 
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste

  1. Wash and dry eggplant. 
  2. Cut slits into eggplant and push one garlic clove into each piece.
  3. Roast eggplant over an open flame - you use use a gas stove or a open fire grill 
  4. Turn eggplant periodically to ensure that it is roasted evenly
  5. Once roasted, remove from flame
  6. Roast tomatoes and peppers on open flame if desired. 
  7. Once eggplant has cooled slightly, slice the charred skin into half and scoop out the pulp into a bowl. 
  8. Using a fork, potato masher, or your hands mash eggplant and garlic until a smooth paste is formed. 
  9. Peel charred tomato and peppers and add to your eggplants. You may chop them if you desire. Discard any stiff/hard pieces. 
  10. Add chopped cilantro and sliced onions and mash everything well. 
  11. Add salt and pepper to taste, mix well and serve with hot roti! 

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