Simple Homemade Wipe Solution

These cloth wipes solutions work so great for us and so, so simple to make. We cloth diaper 75% of the time (with the exception of when we go out and overnight), but use these diapers 95% of the time (exception being when we are out and about). They smell wonderful and leave my daughter's bottom looking and feeling soft and supple.

We use these wipes and wash them with our cloth diapers every 2-3 days. I used an old wipe container and make this solution about once a month. After I fill up my spray bottles, I pour whatever solution is left over into the wipes container. This helps keep the wipes moist, but not completely wet. When we wipe her bottom for a diaper change, I spray a little extra on the wipes and its good to go. These wipe solution is SO easy to make and so cost effective; not to mention Earth friendly as well. I really hope you give these a try!



  • Mix all ingredients in a sterilized container and pour into sterilized spray bottle. I use two glass bottles.

*You can use any soap of your choice, even the one you give your baby a bath with will work. I love using Castile soap because I always have it around and it uses organic oils. I use the BEST ingredients I can afford because this is something we use daily and we use it on our little one so its important that there aren't any pesticides or unwanted chemicals in the solutions.

**The cooking oil I use is organic and I use on her body after each bath anyway. You can use organic olive oil or any oil that you would put on your babies body. The way I see it, if I can eat it, I can use it on her body without harm.

The essential oils are optional. Research safe usage as there are certain oils that shouldn't be used on children. As with all other ingredients, use one that is a good quality, organic, and pure. If you are unsure, then just omit them. I use a couple of drops of lavender in one bottle and a couple of drops of rosemary in another. I love the way they smell and the smell doesn't seem to linger around on the little one's bottom.

Play around with different combinations of the oils and soaps to find which you like best and which works best for you and your baby.

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