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Under the kitchen sink can be quite a tricky area to organize. The pipes and plumping make the space awkward, and typically we want to utilize this area is a real estate because we can use it to store a variety of items.

Nearly a year ago, when H and I moved into our small home, I pretty much threw a caddy, a tile, and some other cleaning products under there. Overtime (and a garbage disposal replacement later), we just practically threw stuff down there. It become the "junk cabinet" for cleaning products, in essence. 

In order to tackle my unorganized and cluttered under-the-sink area in my kitchen, I purchased some inexpensive items to help me get the space under control and utilize to our advantage. 

Here are the steps I took to get the area organized:

1.  Empty out the entire area & clean it! 

Its IMPOSSIBLE to clean the area without emptying it out. To do a proper assessment of what you have there, and what needs to be discarded/moved, it is essential to empty out all that STUFF! Once you have it all out, give it a quick sweep/dust/wipe. 

Now that you have a blank slate, lets move on to step 2! 

2. Line the bottom of the cabinet with either stick-on tiles or contact paper

Having the bottom of the cabinet lined with something that can easily be wiped will make clean-up during SPRING as breeze! It will also protect the cabinet wood should there be any plumbing issues. I used stick-on tiles since its thicker and just happened to be on sale at the big box hardware store. You can also use pretty contact paper, which is easier to change out if you decide to re-do the area etc. 

3. Refill the space

This is the fun part! Using whatever items you have available, go head and reconfigure the space to meet YOUR needs. It doesn't have to be ultra fancy, but remember, it must be functional. Many times we end up making an area pretty, but its not functional! In order to have this area stay decluttered and organized, I think its vital to have it functional rather than pretty. Of course, you can spruce up the area using inexpensive baskets and utilizing jars/containers to meet your needs. 

I used pretty baskets from Dollar Tree. These baskets add a nice pop of color and are a very inexpensive option. I also used a expandable, stackable shelf organizer that I purchased from Amazon. I absolutely loved how everything tied into the area! 

4. Enjoy your newly beautified space! 

And thats it, your space is now organized to meet your needs. Remember to not have this space packed so full of stuff that it's hard to keep organized. Keep the essentials that we need and actually use. 

Remember, everybody’s needs and setup will be different, so tweak the area whenever your needs change. Check out my YouTube video showing you how I organized my under-the-sink cabinet in my kitchen! I also show some "before" pictures!

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